2021 Annual TPFA Clinic & AFA Certification

"What a great weekend at Olsen Equine for the AFA Certification, hosted by the TPFA and Olsen Equine.

I don't have the official numbers but over 100 people each day! So many people, sponsors and volunteers to thank! The examiner Brian Buckner, did a great job! The many testers, provisional tester and scribes- THANK YOU! Friday lunch was great- Thank you Tyler Robinson. Saturday was great with 40-plus people testing on several levels and portions of certification. Thank you Goldee's BBQ for the lunch on Saturday.

Congratulations to all those that passed all or portions of their certification. To those that didn't, every attempt is a learning experience and next time will be better.

I leave you with a John Maxwell quote: "We overestimate the event and underestimate the process. Every fulfilled dream occurred because of dedication to the process."

I think this embodies the certification process at all levels."

Be safe, happy trails,

Danny Anderson, CJF, TPFA President



2021 TPFA Clinic & AFA Certification

Thanks to Our Sponsors

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TPFA Clinic: Friday 9am-4pm, $50 to attend.

Topics covered: Leg Dissection, Tool Maintenance, How to Pass the Written Exam, CF Shoe Modifications, CF Shoeing Demo, CJF Bar Shoe Demo, CJF Shoeing Demo...

AFA Certification: Begins at 5pm sharp on Friday.

Location: Olsen Equine CJF, 605-200-0505

6191 FM 1189, Weatherford, Tx 76087

Contact Lee Olsen: 605-200-0505

Recommended Hotels:

La Quinta $110, 817-595-4481

Quality One $65, 817-594-0055

EconoLodge $75, 817-599-3705