TPFA Meetings

February 2021

TPFA Meeting Notes

President Danny Anderson called the meeting to order at 3:11pm . The minutes were read and accepted. Alan Larson gave a Treasures report. Alan announced that he would not be running for Treasurer again. He expressed the need for a more tech savvy person to fill his position. Alan is not leaving, just serving in another capacity.

Old Business

A discussion was had about the Kirk Caudle Memorial Fund and the need to replenish it .

Tony Dawson gave a report on the Injured Farriers Fund. There were 2 farriers that had to use it 2020 . Tony expressed the importance of paying our TPFA dues on time. The deadline for paying dues and still remaining eligible has been extended to the Certification Clinic since that is when most members pay their dues .

New Business

The 50th AFA Convention has been moved from Albuquerque NM. to Arlington Texas. Our club will be hosting the convention. VOLUNTEERS will be needed we have a short amount of time to prepare for this event . There was discussion made made about using the money given to the club be used to help the volunteers work on the Forging Contest floor. Volunteers working the floor have to be there all day . A motion was made that this money be used to help with food , motels and travel expenses for those volunteering. Motion was voted on and passed. The motion carried.

It was discussed that the TPFA sponsor a buckle for the AFA Convention. The members decided on the National Hi-Point buckle. This will be a 2 year commitment. A motion was made to sponsor the National Hi-Point buckle. The motion was voted on and passed. Motion carried.

A new volunteer was asked for to publish our Hammer and Tongs. James Cockrell volunteered. A motion was made to let James publish the Hammer and Tongs. The motion was voted on and passed. Motion carried.

Danny Anderson mentioned that we have trailer raffle tickets available. The trailer will raffled off at the Convention. Tickets can be purchased through TPFA members or off the TPFA website.

Our next clinic will be held at D&L Farm and Home in Aubrey, Texas. Dates for the clinic are March 13th and 14th .


Outstanding CJF candidate went to Robert Jukes.

Outstanding CF candidate went to Ben Coley .

The Tony Dawson "Man of Steel " award went to Lee Olsen.

The Alan Larson "Relentless " award went to Michael Chance.

Congratulations guys- Well deserved!


President - Danny Anderson

Secretary - Frank Holman

Injured Farrier Fund Chairman - Tony Dawson

Motion to adjourn 4:13 motion carried.

Meeting adjourned.