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March 21 & 22 Clinician Bio:

Tom Willoughby

Tom Willoughby started shoeing horses full-time in 1981, after attending Midwest Horseshoeing School. While attending horseshoeing school, he was intrigued with forging, not only horseshoes but anything else he could dream up to build. He learned the intricacies and characteristics of steel and how it moves. Although he has been working with steel for over half his life, he has been an artist his whole life. Tom can make words come to life in a song. He also has turned blocks of wood into intricate and beautiful works of art. He has spent countless hours working at and perfecting each talent.

Although he has had a workshop for years, Tom officially established Willoughby Forge five years ago. He built a shop to house the coal forge, plethora of tools, several anvils, the Big Blue air hammer, and a large worktable. Magic happens in this work studio as hand drawn ideas come to life in either steel or wood, or a combination of the two mediums.

Tom has become a clinician for creative forging classes, within the last year, travelling throughout the country or giving classes at Willoughby Forge. His relaxed manner, amicable disposition and propensity for unique forgings make for very interesting and educational clinics. His motto is, “It’s only steel. They make it every day, so don’t be afraid to hit it.”

For the Texas Professional Farriers Association, Tom will be discussing work after horseshoeing. It is always a possibility that every Farrier faces: that one day due to injury or chronic pain shoeing horses will no longer be a viable means of generating income. Tom plans to discuss how to apply the skills used in blacksmithing as an alternative means of generating income. He hopes to demonstrate how to take the skills needed in forging horseshoes can be applied to creative forging projects.

Our History:

The Texas Professional Farriers Association emerged from the Gulf Coast Farriers in 1980. Our purpose is to enhance professionalism by increasing both skill levels and good business practices.We have regular meetings across the state, publish a newsletter, support the AFA multi-level certification program, and sponsor regular educational clinics and family gatherings.



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